Wednesday, July 25

Potter Post: The Book

What book you ask? The one to your left...or the American edition of that book. I like their cover better.

I had planned to read it in one sitting but couldn't bring myself to do it. I was either stopped by the many tearful deaths or by my own attempt to make it last just a bit longer.

How was the book? I cannot say enough great things about the book without exposing myself as a complete Potterphile (that term always makes me feel dirty).

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows wraps things up very nicely and offers a glimpse into Harry's future as an added bonus.

In the first chapter, an heretofore unseen character is killed and I thought to myself...What a rip! Rowling's going to kill off unimportant characters to add pseudo-drama to the book. Then, the next character dies and I screamed to myself...All bets are off! Anyone could die. And they did, again and again and again.

The book is nonstop depressing and builds to a fantastic fever pitch. Fortunately, there is a wonderfully cathartic payoff. It almost made me forgive Rowling for killing so many of my beloved characters.

The book is a heavy on exposition, as it must be to wrap up so many loose ends. It also drags a bit during the extended camping trip(s). Still, it is ....magical and endearing and every bit as great as I had hoped.

Many have complained about the epilogue that gives readers a glimpse into the survivors' happy futures. I'm sure that those complaints come from adults and not children. Adults don't want the characters' future nailed down because it might interfere with the possibility of future books (should Rowling have a change of heart). The younger readers probably appreciate a comforting look into the happyily ever after of some of the major characters. I, being young a heart, loved one last look.

Thank you J.K. Rowling, for making me young again every time I open up the cover of one of these books; and for giving us characters that will live forever in the hearts of today's readers and all of those yet to come.

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SuperWife said...

As [Kid 1] finished it a couple days ago, I think her interpretation would be similar. I can't count how many times she would emerge from her room to announce another death! Her beloved favorite character amongst them. (I won't say here as it would be a spoiler.) Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry you were sick over your vacation.