Friday, July 6

Popping Up

That's another post title that might let down the random web surfer. Just thought I would let anyone that was interested know that I am alive and semi-well. I am currently helping the video store sell off all of the inventory. At the end of July, Movieland U.S.A. will be closed and it will be the end of an 18-year job that really meant a lot to me; leaving me bummed about the end of an era and wondering what comes next. The only bright side is that I think we can afford to let me have a 5-day work week for a while...I haven't had that in about 3 years. If my other job wasn't such a spirit-crushing drain, it would almost be bearable.

Speaking of the other job, I have put in a year's service and am taking a much deserved PAID vacation! I planned it around the release of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows; I am such a nerd!! After the vacation, I will set forth to find a new job!

Will post again regarding the end of Movieland, Harry Potter and job seeking. Sooner rather than later.


SuperWife said...

Thinking there may be a few nerds out here (myself included) who would love to get a deal on some dvd's. I should get a quick list together and send it your way. More likely, they are trying to sell, en masse, to another video store, though, huh?

As for your vacation, congrats!! You totally deserve it and I hope you enjoy the movie. I imagine my girls will be lined up to see it soon, too. (Though it's TRANSFORMERS for at least some of the crew tomorrow.)

Have a great one!! And thanks for the update!

SuperWife said...

Um, oops...I had Harry Potter movie on the brain, and you were, of course, referring to the release of the last novel.

Need. Weekend. Badly...

Mark said...

Actually we're selling the movies off to the public. Right now the DVD's are $10 and the VHS are $6. By the way, did you ever get a copy of Continental Divide?

SuperWife said...


Nice to know the general public is getting a bit of a deal anyway. Hope your reading vacation is a good one. My eldest two have both made plans (independent of each other...which is unusual) to go see the movie opening tomorrow. Kinda fun to see them so excited!

Arlene said...

So how was the movie? Did it live up to your expectations? WE NEED A BLOG, DUDE!