Thursday, June 14

Top 10 Superhero Moments

Over at MSNBC, Erik Lundegaard has posted his top 10 list of best superhero scenes.

Here are the teases for each one. You will have to click on the above link to read the article and then come up with your own.

• 10. “What are you?”
• 9. “Let’s put more.”
• 8. “Peter... Peter...”
• 7. “Go Aquaman, go!”
• 6. “When they come out, does it hurt?”
• 5. “You’ll never be alone.”
• 4. “I’m the worst one.”
• 3. “He’s ... just a kid.”
• 2. “You’ve got me? Who’s got you!?”
• 1. “Hi... This is really heavy.”

The Rocketeer didn't make his list; I just like the movie poster, but maybe it will make yours.
Let me know what you think.


MJ Norton said...

While I expected that it was going to simply be "scenes" in terms of comics-related movies, I was still oddly disappointed. The cinematic pool's still so small and shallow compared to the vast amount of source info that comics have produced over the years.

It does seem a shame that The Rocketeer didn't warrant a mention, I agree, though much of its appeal was visual.

Somewhere on my unwritten to-do list is a top ten list of memorable moments in comics -- and if it grows beyond ten items then so much the better.

Back to the piece you've spotlighted, interesting to me is the larger question of whether the relatively recent wave of comics-oriented films is going to be a flash that will fade after a few tank at the box office, or the firm establishment of an enduring genre -- something like the Western. Something which will reach a point of saturation, drop off the marquee and then pop up again in waves of both new slants, such as The Unforgiven, and HBO's Deadwood were each in their time, and bright and shining, unabashed, unapologetic fandom, such as Silverado was in its time, bringing a huge, gold nugget out of a mineshaft that many of the self-appointed Hollywood congnoscenti had declared tapped out. The question pretty much answers itself, doesn't it? Even that really only addresses the superhero comic angle. Comics and movies have always covered every genre, and comics have simply been recognized as scripts that have been storyboarded after a fashion.

With many superhero/comics-derived films on the production slate for the next two to three years it's interesting to consider how successful each is likely to be. Specific fans are looking forward to specific projects, but it remains to be seen if the necessarily larger, broader, potential audience will find each particular origin story and hero/villain struggle to be compelling, or quickly become bored with the similarities, whether superficial or fundamental.

Anonymous said...

Reading Drew Curtis' book "It's Not News, It's Fark" It's less about the website and more about the book's subtitle: "How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap As News". One example Curtis cites is the Top Whatever lists newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. write about. He says what they do to stir interest and replies up is to insert a ridiculous choice and omit an obvious one. On this list, my choice for ridiculous is #7, as it isn't in a superhero movie per se, and features perennial general populace punching bag Aquaman.
To close, here's a couple from The Rocketeer that popped in my head:
1) "Don't worry, folks, it's all part of the show."
2) "It matters to me. I may not make an honest buck, but I'm 100% American."

Tony C.

PS: When are you gonna post that news about the changes in your life Lisa hinted about yesterday?