Wednesday, May 16

Jerry Falwell Finally Silenced

There are so many immature, inappropriate and downright insensitive things I could say right now. Unlike Falwell, I will control myself and refrain from saying something outrageous and controversial.

He will not be missed.


SuperWife said...

Incredible restraint, Mark. I'm proud of you!

bill k said...

with sadness such a
good decent honorable man
will be missed....

Mark said...

Bill K-

I will also refrain from responding to your heartfelt feelings of loss over Jerry's demise.

Anonymous said...

you should have watched, listen to
bill mahar's essay on
the man??
golly....what u think
what everyone else thinks..
speak ill of no man...and maybe maybe
this world might just get
a little better or maybe much better...
peace with blessings....

bill k said...


the above was me

Mark said...

If only Jerry had followed that speak ill of no man idea, then Bill Maher and I wouldn't be relieved that he was finally silenced.