Friday, May 11

Ashes, ashes; we all fall down

It seems that the stellar finish to actor James Doohan's sendoff has gone awry. It is being reported that the Star Trek actor's ashes, which were sent on a farewell trip into orbit, have returned... only to be LOST IN SPACE On Earth!. Somewhere in the New Mexico desert, Scotty's remains...remain lost.

Okay, not lost. Just temporarily unreachable.

A spokeswoman for Houston-based Space Services Inc., which organized the "memorial spaceflight," said the telephone-pole sized rocket descended by parachute into a rugged area that a search team has repeatedly failed to reach.

"The terrain is very mountainous; it's not somewhere that you can walk or drive to. My understanding is that it will take some time to get up into there," Susan Schonfeld told Reuters by telephone.

"They know the general location, and we have the utmost confidence that they will recover it."

I hope they find them before the Klingons or fans find them.

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