Friday, March 2

KY Fun

Thought that title might get me some great google hits for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, I am still alive after all of the fun, rain, food, more fun, more rain , more food, bad movie I loved and much more food. The trip to River City was another memory to be treasured and the hostess and host were genial and generous beyond compare. The massive amount of fantastic food and a box of little hero statues (that some call Clix) was appreciated greatly, but the company was a far greater gift. Tammy, Highlander, Tony and Kathy are the fantastic four and I thank them for the good times.

This movie note... Ghost Rider contains some of the most awful dialogue and awkward overacting that I have ever witnessed on film. Still, the wonderfully realized special effects and overall look of the film made me overlook the glaring flaws. The people involved obviously loved the comic and that made me love the film.

After returning to the homeland, I immediately succumbed to a lingering, nasty cold. It has left me dragging my sniffling, sneezing, achey ass thru the dismal return to daily life.

That is why all of the other participants of our weekend already conveyed the fun and friendship that we all enjoyed and I have little else to add.... except that it was my darling wife who offered up Flipper as chewy. At least, that is how I recall it.


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SuperFiancee said...

My humblest apologies to Lisa. I thought it was someone else who offered up that particular gem. It was definitely one of the best I've seen to date!!

Sorry you've been feeling under the weather and hope you're back amongst the living.

As for GHOST RIDER, I'll agree with you on the awful dialogue and awkward overacting (to the point where even I groaned), and I'll even give you the cook special effects, (plus they get extra credit for giving Sam Elliott a gig), but I can't say that the "made me love the film". Uh uh. I had a good time and am glad that I went (at matinee prices), though.