Sunday, December 17

Thank You, Tony and Kathy!!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Tony and Kathy Collett for the unbelievably wonderful and generous gifts that we found in our mailbox on Saturday.

My daughter was practically giddy when she opened her present and found the Fruits Basket Journal she'd been longing for; the Boys Be was just icing on the wonderful holiday cake.

I was also stunned and delighted with the my gift....DC: The New Frontier!! I've wanted to read this since it's original release and had hoped to pick up the trades at Half-Price Books someday. I no longer have to wait for someday.

Lisa was also more than pleased with her Rachel Ray cook book. She sure does love watching cooking shows (especially Rachel's) and reading cook books. She might even attempt one of the recipes, and that would be a gift that keeps on giving... Okay, maybe she'll get me to attempt one of the recipes. Either way, I'll get to eat it; so it's a gift that keeps on giving!

Your gift choices were so spot-on that I think you and the Mrs. just might be better at this than Santa himself. I can only hope that you can't see me while I'm sleeping.

Once again, THANKS!

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Tony Collett said...

You're welcome.