Friday, November 17

If you live on the financial edge, you will eventually fall off

I have managed to avoid the topic of the workplace until now. This week, my paycheck was for 22 hours out of the 44 I worked. I brought this to my supervisor's attention on Wednesday and was met with a lot of uhms and ahhs and uncertainty. I stopped by on my way home from the video store in the wee hours of Friday morning and they told me that nothing was done because the only person who takes care of such problems was off Thursday...apparently they hadn't felt the need to bother her with it on Wednesday. Other employees have told me that they will submit the missing hours and they will pay me in the next week or three!

As a result of my half paycheck, I cannot pay all of my bills that come due this week; this will result in late fees and other such un-pleasantries. I have been living paycheck to paycheck and working two jobs for so long now that it is the status quo. I have to fix something...I have to get some savings or the next payf**k or car problem will sink me.

So, I emailed my comic subscription service and told them I would no longer be using their service. It had become a luxery I can no longer afford. I will not be actively collecting comics for the first time in a decade or two. That will be the big sacrifice but smaller ones will have to follow and a new job would help...I have to get farther ahead of the big rock or this financial cliffhanger will not end well.

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