Friday, September 1

Glenn Ford, R.I.P.

I received 2 emails informing me - Cyber Reaper - that Glenn Ford had passed away. So, here I am posting it for the other 3 of you that read this blog.

I always enjoyed Ford's work; most notably in The Courtship Of Eddie's Father, The Fastest Gun Alive and Rage.

The first one is well known and became a great TV series starring Bill Bixby, the other 2 might not be so well known. The Fastest Gun Alive is one of my favorite westerns and the last one is just one of those movies that stays with you. In Rage Ford plays a man bitten by a rabid dog (in the desert) andit follows his attempt to find help before it is too late. It is a 1966 Mexican film that is very rarely seen on TV and has never been released on video. If you ever get a chance to see it, do so. I saw a dubbed version as a youngster and it has stuck in my mind ever since.

I heard that he played Pa Kent in some Superman movie too.

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