Tuesday, July 18

IGM 2006

And so it has come to pass...The first annual Internet Geek-Meet became a reality. I had to work 8 days straight at the Moratorium to be able to swing the time off for the much anticipated event. As much as it pained me (and still does), it was more than worth it.

I worked the video store the night before and didn't get to bed until 4AM and was back up at 8AM to leave for Louisville. We went straight to the Louisville Zoo and spent some time there; we had planned to spend several hours there, but were a bit underwhelmed with the lethargic animals and lackluster environs. Although, I was very happy with the gorillas, vampire/fruit bats and King Louie (the albino alligator).


We then headed for the hotel and took a short nap. Upon waking, we called Tammy and invited the family over for a dip in the hotel pool. Tony came by the room to see us, then set off to fetch Kathy and join us at the pool. Tammy did not join in on the pool-time, but the rest of us made good use of the pool and the whirlpool. It was great to see how great Highlander was with the girls; he is a wonderful Dad-like figure! After the aquatics, we all went over to Tammy and Highlander's then on to Fat Jimmy'sfor Pizza. The pizza was wonderful; but it might have been the enjoyable company that added flavor to the dining experience. Then, it was back to the hotel for some rest.


Superman Returns... Clark is gone for 5 years. Superman is gone for 5 years. Clark returns and Superman returns too! Everyone at the Daily Planet has to be mentally stunted. Aren't reporters supposed to be observant and inquisitive?

The movie was very entertaining and the 3D was impressive. What was most impressive part was that the 3D glasses actually fit well! I believe that Bryan Singer might make a really great 2nd Superman movie now that he has worked through his somewhat pathetic (and misplaced) adoration of the first 2 Christopher Reeves films. Oh, the other thing he must get out of his system before embarking on a sequel, is that whole Superman/Christ fixation. He went way over the top with it and it got to be very creepy.

After the movie, we went back to Castle Anthrax for a most delicious meal. While Tammy made the final preparations for our banquet, Highlander led us on a short hike to The Great Escape (a slice of geek heaven) and the local head shop. He made the outing great fun with his tour guide narration. Upon our return, we sat down for the feast. It was all fantastic! Three salads, green beans and sesame ginger chicken. Everything was sumptuous; the potato salad would make Martha Stewart's offerings seem like prison food. Then there was Derby Pie; Kentucky's sweet secret.

Highlander and Tony had time for two Heroclix battles with each taking a win. I spent most of my time admiring Highlander's impressive collections of clix and conversing with the ladies (with a minor run-in with their dangeroom bathroom security system). My daughter and I longed to check out the local book and DVD exchange and were obliged by Kid #1 and Tofu (She-who-must-be-obeyed!). It was worth the walk; I snagged a Justice League: Season Two boxed set! We wandered to long and had Tony out looking for us so that he might make a proper goodbye before heading back to Indy.

Tony and Kathy are the most amazingly sweet couple. They are almost unbelievably nice and thoughtful. They make cynical, snarky, and obnoxious people like me feel inadequate. Still, maybe they were on their best behavior since they were making a first impression... I can hope.

Tammy is the ultimate hostess and nurturer: she makes every effort to see that everyone is happy, comfortable and well-fed. She has a wonderful sense of humor and in a similar vein as Lisa and I. Highlander need not worry about his social skills; was as affable and charming as need be to make sure we felt welcomed. I regret that I am not a Heroclix-er so that I might have spent more time with the guys.
Maybe I'll pick up a copy of Heroclix For Dummies before the next visit.
The kids were all delightful individuals that were fun to spend time with; that is not a quality I find in kids too often. They all seem bright and polite with just enough attitude to make them endearing rather than annoying. They all seem to adore their mother and Highlander (almost as much as he adores them); and they make a very
witty and warm family unit.


After leaving Castle Anthrax, we went back to the hotel and I fell asleep around 8:30PM...too much fun for the old guy! We left Monday morning and stopped at the Edinburgh Outlet Center, where my darling daughter bought me the Waverider figure that I'd been putting off buying myself...what a kid! We ad lunch at Montana Mike's Steakhouse and headed home. We dropped off the rental car and picked up the dogs and I headed for work.

Since returning from the trip, I am currently finishing up a 9-day sentence at the Moratorium. If I can hold out, I will have Thursday and Friday to work the video store and try to recover.

Having been so tardy with my trip report, this probably bored everyone (participants and other interested parties alike) to tears. Nonetheless, there it is; in all it's happy details (Sorry, Mike). I hope that Internet Geek-Meet will become an annual event that grows in size every year. Someday, when the meetings have to be held in a major civic center and has merchants and entertainment event, we will all look back at this humble beginning! We need a logo for all the merchandising we'll be doing.

That's all for now.

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