Monday, July 31

As luck would have it...

If you pop over to my lovely wife's blog, you will learn of our car purchase and it's immediate need of repair. Today, we will find out how much it will cost to make it better... Better. I'm not sure I even remember what that means as applied to our luck.

In other news... The moratorium has instituted 10 hour shifts. There aren't enough employees to get the accompanying 3 days off so I will be getting some overtime before it eventually kills me. My boss says that I can go back to 8 hour shifts after the first week or two (we have to run thru all of our huge backstock during the first week). I really need the extra cash for school expenses and auto care, so I am going to try to work it for as long as I possibly can. The only problem is that it will only allow for about 5 hours of sleep on those days I have to work the video store. Hopefully, I can pull it off for a month or so.

Updates to come.


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