Tuesday, June 6

New Gigged...Old Gig

Like an unsuspecting frog, I ended up gigged by my new gig and now find myself back at the old gig.

On my first day of work at the drugstore, I was told that one of their employees that was on maternity leave was returning and requested the 3rd shift. They assured me that this wouldn't be a problem for me once the other 3rd shift employee left in August. Until then, they wanted me to work at one of the other stores about 20 minutes away; and they assured me that they would give me 32 hours a week. Well, the pay difference would not be enough to cover the loss of 8 hours/week and the gas and wear and tear on the car was another factor. Living paycheck to paycheck requires a minimum amount of cash each week and this wasn't going to meet that minimum.

Long story short... Back at supercenter for the foreseeable future.

Henceforth, there will be a 90 day moratorium on all work/work related comments/problems. The subject depresses me.

Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

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