Sunday, June 4

New Gig

Tonight, I begin my new job as 3rd shift cashier and stocker at the drugstore; it pays a bit more than the supercenter job and has better benefits available sooner. I am also quite certain the physical demands will be far less. Someday we might get another car and I can keep looking for something better, but this will certainly do for now.

I do have to admit that my send-off at supercenter was far nicer than I expected. On my last day (the day before my birthday), my supervisor brought in a huge cake that read, Happy Birthday! We'll Miss You! and had Steak & Shake brought in for the entire grocery crew. It was very sweet of her.

I would also like to take a moment to thank Bill K. for the 2 Marvel Team-Ups featuring Beast that he sent to me for my birthday...Thanks Bill!

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