Friday, June 30


For those who haven't been reading my wife's blog... Sunday night, while working at the moratorium, I was stocking the International Foods aisle and found a mouse. There amidst the pasta, rice and tortillas, was very tiny mouse sitting in the middle of the aisle...shivering. It was his size (about as big as my thumb) and his quaking that moved me to put him in a box and carry him around on the bottom of my flat the rest of the night. My intention was to take him home and set him free in a field somewhere, but his size made me doubt his chances of survival. I decided to keep him 'til he got a bit bigger and then set him free. Now that I've invested in his new palace, I guess he's the newest member of the menagerie. I saved his life... now he's my tiny little responsibility.

Here is the creature that is stirring in our house.

Here's another picture of said beast.

And here is the ridiculously expensive home I just bought for the new member of the family.

Stop snickering, I can hear you...Stop it!

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