Friday, May 5

Blog dogs

My wife took Hoshi back to the vet and he said that, judging from a physical examination, he believes that the growth is gone. The only way to be certain, would be to take an x-ray; but our current budget wouldn't allow us to spend the $125 to get that level of certainty. Since there was nothing that could be done if it had turned out to be a tumor, I guess that it really doesn't make much of a difference. I am more than happy to settle for the vet's less certain diagnosis.

So as not to create any jealousy amongst the canines of our household, I thought I would post pictures of the other 2 of our best friends. That's Sammi in the Batman bandanna and Sunny with the patriotic hearts. I did not dress any of the dogs up; that was the work of my wife and daughter.

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