Thursday, March 30

Will Work For Therapy

I don't think I told you about applying for a position at a nearby Target that had a huge Now Hiring sign on the door. I went to one of their little computer kiosks and dutifully filled out their application/questionnaire and was called to the front of the store and told that they weren't hiring. At the time, I felt unwanted and depressed at being turned away out of hand. I convinced myself that they must've been seeking to accumulate a surplus of possible applicants for later employment...

...Turns out I was simply turned away because I do not test well.

I mentioned that I was probably going to have to return to my previous position because of the car shortage. Well, I went in and completed their application/questionnaire and was called in for an interview by the new third-shift manager whom I had previously worked with when we were both stockers. She told me that, as far as she was concerned, I was more than welcome back on the job; but I had to be re-interviewed by one of her bosses before I could be hired. She assured me that it was a new rule that applied to all new hires, but she also shared my profile created by the answers I gave on the questionnaire.

It seems that, by answering all of the questions as honestly as I could, I created an unbelievably negative profile. It was so negative that there was a bold CAUTION label at the top. It went on to rank me as poor on customer service and described me as politically negative and self-serving. It concluded that I wouldn't work well with others and questioned authority. The manager said that she couldn't believe it when she saw the results and thought I should know (even though applicants are not suppose to see them). Having worked with me during my previous time there, she knew that I would be a good choice; but she's not sure what her superior(s) will say after the re-interview. She's not sure if they will let her have the final say or not.

There you have it. Apparently, I am a psycho employee that should be avoided at all costs.

I guess I will have to learn to lie and kiss hypothetical ass on any future job apps. I thought being honest was still the best policy...How naive of me.

More bummed than ever.

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