Wednesday, February 8

This is too cool

It is amazing to realize that there are still places on this over polluted and populated planet that have never been seen by man.

Scientists in New Guinea have discovered a Lost World.

"It really was like crossing some sort of time warp into a place that people hadn't been to," said Bruce Beehler of the wildlife expedition he co-led in December into the isolated Foja Mountains on the tropical South Pacific island of New Guinea.

During a 15-day stay at a camp they had cut out of the jungle, the conservationists found a trove of animals never before documented, from a new species of the honeyeater bird to more than 20 new species of frogs.

Unfortunately, as cool as this is; it is also a bit sad to think that it is no longer a tiny bit of untouched paradise. I only hope that we can protect it from ourselves.

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