Thursday, February 2

The looming threat of human-animal hybrids

Once again, Dumbya has shown that he and the Republican party are the only ones who can protect us from the lurking dangers wrought by godless science...

Human-animal hybrids are coming!!!

I thought we put this all behind us when Manimal was cancelled. Then again, he was a British hybrid. Maybe the president thinks we would be more susceptible to an American hybrid.

Of course, this has ruined the National Weather Service's secret plan to create the first meteorologist-groundhog hybrid. They were planning on announcing the project today.

Seriously, does the Dumbya and his religious base object to medical advances that could come from chimera research? I'm not an expert on this topic, so I will link you to someone who knows a bit more about this stuff.

I agree that there must be ethical oversight on such research, but I do not want the guidelines to be decided by Dumbya and his religious-fanatic fanbase.

I'm probably not the guy to listen to about such matters; after all, I'm the one who demands that one human clone must be created to find out it if it would be just like us. Maybe the Catholic Church could dig out a soul detector from the basement of the Vatican (Surely, they must have one.) to test it against the standard model.

I want my science to be ethically progressive not ignorantly regressive!

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