Tuesday, June 8

Reagan's Passing: Mourning In America

Over at his website, Peter David had the temerity to comment on the probability that the Republican Party and the Bush campaign will exploit the memory of President Reagan to gain any advantage or vote that they can. This resulted in some vicious attacks (anti-Semitic and otherwise) on Peter's callous disregard for proper mourning decorum or some such crap.
It must be pointed out that his post did not impugn the former president in any way; it simply pointed out the political opportunism that takes advantage of such situations. The Democrats like to trot out JFK when the mood strikes and they certainly did not hesitate to exploit the unfortunate demise of Senator Paul Wellstone whenever it benefited them; it is just one of the unflattering aspects of politics... use anything to get the win.

As for Ronald Reagan...

I was always amazed at the reverence given the Reagan years. Still, I can easily understand the attraction/affection for Reagan the politician. The man exuded charm and optimism. He managed to win the guarded affection and respect of his political adversaries with his demeanor and persona. The cult of personality that surrounds Reagan is comparable to the one surrounding Bill Clinton.

My heartfelt condolences to the Reagan family and his friends. It was a long, sad goodbye for a true political and American legend. His presence on the political landscape will endure forever in the hearts and minds of his fans and detractors.

Godspeed to the Gipper.

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