Wednesday, May 12

Terrorists Are EVIL

They are also zealous bastards without a grasp on the tenets of the very religion they are viciously (and cowardly) fighting for.

Until now, I didn't realize just how stupid they were.

With the constant stream of prisoner-abuse photos making the rounds throughout the world, Iraq was getting an influx of well warranted sympathy from around the globe. To take advantage of the groundswell that was rising up against the occupation (even here at home), they behead an innocent prisoner!?

Were they afraid someone was going to forget that they were all twisted nutwads? This will help Bush and the Neocons work their "Swift American Vengeance" rhetoric into every speech for the next few weeks.

The same kind of "vengeance rhetoric" that the animals in the video used before they beheaded Nicholas Berg. The problem with all of this vengeance is that it always seems to end with a lot of innocent people getting killed in the process.

This horrendous act will only serve as a reason for the administration to insist this is why we invaded Iraq and why we must stay the course.

The administration and the terrorist are becoming entrapped in an endless circle of vengeance.

Unfortunately, this level of violence will only serve to cloud the issue of whether we should have invaded Iraq in the first place and when we should get out.

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