Thursday, May 20

Remembering Tony Randall

Most people will remember Tony Randall for his portrayal of Felix Unger from the Odd Couple TV series; I will always remember him as the star of Hello Down There. It was probably not as wonderfully funny as I remember it from my youth; but I can still sing most of Little Goldfish and I am sure that I would enjoy it if I watched it tomorrow. Randall also starred in another great film of my youth... 7 Faces Of Dr. Lao. This is one great movie! A western fantasy based on the book The Circus Of Dr. Lao by Charles Finney. Directed by George Pal from a script by Charles Beaumont, this movie (and Randall's performance{s}) still captivates me when I watch it. If you've never seen it, find a copy and discover the magic.

"Every time you stop and think 'I'm alive, and being alive is fantastic!' Every time such a thing happens, you are part of the Circus of Dr. Lao."

Although he is no longer with us, Tony Randall will always be remembereed as a part of that great circus.

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