Wednesday, May 5

Mickey Mouse Vs Michael Moore

Walt Disney doesn't want to be the distributor of Moore's Bush Bashing film.

I can't wait to see this film... Now I wonder if I'll get to before the election.

Michael Moore is a lightning rod for controversy and, I admit, he doesn't always have a tight grasp on the facts; but his films are always entertaining and shine some light of truth on his subjects. Unfortunately, he is quick to hyperbolize the actions of those that oppose him.

I can't believe that Disney would explain to Moore what their ulterior motives for squashing the distribution of the film were... they aren't Bond villains gloating over their evil plans. It is just the usual attempt by Disney to avoid offending anyone whom they might be able to earn money from at a future date; Disney has always attempted to be as universally non-offensive as a corporation can be. They are always being targeted by some group that finds reason to take offense at the slightest perceived opinion they find hidden in Disney's products. During this highly divisive election year, I can see why they might shy away from such a controversial film.

Does this make them evil coporate pawns of the conservatives or the same old spineless corporate dweebs they've always been?

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