Saturday, May 1

Iraqi Prisoners Allegedly Abused By U.S. And British Soldiers

This story and the pictures that have been shown around the world are profoundly disturbing and morally repugnant to anyone that has seen them. I hope and pray that this is limited in scope and not a widespread problem. I hope any soldiers, hired civilians and commanding officers that are involved will receive swift and just punishment. I also hope and pray that this does not lead to more violence against the men and women that are serving their duty in an honorable and moral fashion.

President Bush has voiced his disgust at the alleged treatment of these prisoners.

Of course, this is coming from the man that recently stated...

We've got to be strong and resolute and determined. We will never show weakness in the face of these people who have no soul, who have no conscience, who care less about the life of a man or a woman or a child.

Rhetoric like that, which claims that the enemy has no soul, is likely to make soldiers think that any actions are justifiable toward such enemies.

I am not blaming the President for the actions of the soldiers; I'm just hoping that he will think before he spews propaganda based on his belief that God is guiding his every action and our enemies are souless minions of pure evil. Such simplistic jingoism can have the most unexpected effect on the people that listen to it.

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