Tuesday, April 20

Scaring Up Some Votes

The Homeland In-Security team is revving up the scare tactics to make sure the voters are frightened enough to vote for Dubya this fall. In the last week, Condoleezza Rice and Tom Ridge couldn't stop talking about the threat of terrorism. They want to warn us all that the terrorists might strike this year in an effort to get people to vote for Kerry: they remind us how those cowardly Spaniards booted out the brave anti-terrorist leader after the attacks in Madrid. This seems to be a great strategy for Dubya; if there is an attack, they will insist that there was no way anyone could have stopped it and that voting against Bush will be letting the terrorists win.

Amazingly enough, it seems to be working. Polls show that the President is creeping ahead of that terrorist-loving Kerry.

It is sickening the way this administration uses our fears to boost their advantage.

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