Saturday, April 10

Maybe It Is Finally Sinking In

This gave me some hope that the public might just catch on to the idiocy of the Iraq Invasion and its affect on the real War On Terrorism.

The closeness of the race is still annoying but that is mostly due to Kerry's lackluster campaign.

This part is what gave me hope...

In one development that is potentially troublesome for Bush, a growing number of people think the Iraq situation is making the threat of worldwide terrorism worse.

Asked whether the military action in Iraq has increased or decreased the threat of terrorism around the world, half in the poll, 49 percent, said it has increased the threat, while 28 percent said it has decreased the threat. The number of people who thought the Iraq situation increased the terrorism threat grew slightly from Monday through Wednesday at a time that television news was showing the sharply increasing violence in Iraq.

Apparently, they can catch on.

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