Thursday, March 18

We Must Invade Spain And Restore Conservative Democracy!

The House GOP takes aim at Spain's democratic election process and insists that the events of 3/11 affected the outcome. How dare those damn Spaniards toss out the party that took them into an unnecessary war and decide their own fate and future!

"Here is a country that stood against terrorism, and had a huge terrorist act within their country, and they chose to change their government and to in a sense appease terrorists," House Speaker Dennis Hastert said.

As opposed to a country that couldn't successfully complete its just and rightful retaliatory attacks against Bin Laden and so sought out another threat to attack so as to appease the neocons within the administration and convince a worried public that the administration could effectively combat terrorism and protect them from future attacks.

The 3/11 attacks in Spain put the lie to that crap about how much safer the world is since Saddam's capture. Howard Dean was absolutely correct in pointing this out months ago. Oh yes, in a strictly theoretical sense, the world is indeed safer when a ruthless dictatorship is toppled; in a practical sense it just feeds into the terrorists' fanatical mindset and fulfills their idea of the decadent West interfering in and threatening the Muslim world (Not that they really need much impetus to kill a few innocent nonbelievers) and causes distrust in the Muslim world in general.

Does this mean any future attacks against our allies or ourselves is justified? Of course not. Terrorist acts, of any kind and for any reason, are never justifiable. Then again, I have a real hard time with the whole concept of preemptive attacks against country's that might be a future threat to our country or those that harbor and support terrorism. It is a dangerous policy that, logically, means we should be invading Iran, Syria, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, China and far too many other countries to mention. Just because the world might be theoretically safer if the United States and Great Britain decided to conquer it and rule benevolently, does not make it a good idea.

How did we get to a place where any actions other than war are looked upon as appeasement? Is this why Colin Powell went from being a diplomat to being just another administration attack dog?

I don't like that place and hope that we can relocate real soon.

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