Tuesday, March 23

U.S. Wants Israel To Show Some Restraint

The White House urged Israel to "exercise maximum restraint" and to keep ''the consequences in mind.''

This, coming from the administration that invaded Iraq for looking at us menacingly. By consequences, I can only assume that they are referring to retaliation by the Palestinians; if Israel allowed fear of reprisal to limit their response, isn't that the sort of appeasement Spain has been accused of and ridiculed for by the same administration?

For the record, I think that the escalation of this vicious circle of neverending murder and mayhem is absolutely wrong for both sides (Harlan Ellison might have the right idea about walling the entire region off and checking back once in a while to see who is still alive). Still, this administration has no standing in regard to maximum restraint.

I'm surprised they didn't suggest that Israel launch an attack on Yemen just in case they've been looking for yellow cake uranium or something.

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