Monday, March 22

National Health Insurance

Here is an interesting site that claims National Health Insurance could save $286 billion on health care paperwork.

Does anyone have an estimate of what businesses pay out for employee health care each year?

If we were to institute national health insurance, how much would this save corporate america? I think that there should be a per employee fee that all business would have to pay to help take some of the burden of national coverage off the taxpayer. If businesses only had to pay 20% of what they are currently paying now, it would still be a plus for them (and allow them to hire more workers) and for the budget. Even having a $1-$5 taken out of every employed person's check each week (varying by income) would be acceptable to me.

Most critics of national health insurance seem to think that all the burden would be put on the government. I don't think it has to be an all or nothing proposal. The per employee fee should also apply to companies that currently don't offer health insurance, since they would benefit too.

Well, what about it?

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