Monday, March 1

Eleven Golden Rings Sweep The Oscars

In what proved to be (for me at least) a very tiring Oscar telecast, The Return Of The King won every award it was nominated for. You might say it got to be a hobbit for them to win. Although I was pleased to see a fantasy movie finally get recognition for its quality, I am still curious as to how it could be so good since none of the performances in the film were good enough to be nominated.

The show was rather uneventful and, dare I say, boring. Crystal was in top form and provide plenty of laughs; but he didn't have a lot to react to during the show, and that is where the great laughs generally spring from. I actually got up and wondered from the room during parts of the show (especially during the Cold Mountain songs). The fact that I was so restless is amazing since I always request Oscar night off from work as a religious holiday... and have received it every year as a given. If you didn't stay up (or put) for the show, here is a recap for you.

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