Monday, March 22

Did Anyone Even Notice I Was Gone?!

Life caught up with me over the last few days and kept me from my beloved blog.
Saturday was the Girl Scouts' Father-Daughter Dance, and I had to rearrange my work schedule so that I might attend. My daughter's 10 and still wants to do things with her dad (she even made sure to request a Billy Joel song for the old man); I thought I'd take advantage of that before the time comes when I have to walk 15 feet behind her when we are out in public in case I might embarrass her. To manage to attend, I had to work 'til 2AM on Friday night then reopen at 9AM on Saturday and work 'til 5PM. The dance was from 6PM-9PM (mandatory Chicken Danca and Macarena included). On Sunday, I slept in and then went to work from 5PM-2AM.

The beauty of this blog is that I could impart all of that info and pretend like you guys really wanted to hear it. Thanks for listening.

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