Monday, March 29

Bush Campaign To Kerry: You Can't Use Scripture! God's On Our Side!

This has got to be the most hypocritical piece of crap that I've seen from the Bush camp yet; and I've seen a lot of it from them.

Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said Kerry’s comment “was beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse and a sad exploitation of Scripture for a political attack.”

George Bush uses God and religion as though he owns a Bible personally signed by the author. Since 9/11, he's been God's own President; out to defend us all from Satan's minions. Now, his minions (Bush's not Satan's) are disgusted at Kerry's use of scripture to highlight the lies behind the compassionate conservatism that Bush uses to lure the swing voters to the dark side.

Meanwhile, Pat Robertson mocks John Kerry by calling him Jean Kerie in a dumbass French accent on the 700 Club.

Heaven forbid (pun intended), that John Kerry use scripture!

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