Friday, March 5

Attention Former Star Trek Fans...

Being a fan of all things Star Trek, I have been in agony ever since Deep Space Nine went off the air. DS9 was the best that the Trek franchise has ever offered its way-too-easy-to-please fans...and most hated it. DS9 was just too different for them to handle; they like their Trek to be of the same Roddenberry variety. Then came Voyager, and I suffered through it for the first 3 years, gave up and came back to watch (in horror) the last season. After that, I was ready for something new and, hopefully, of DS9 quality. Enterprise was what I got. The casting of the show was to my liking (although a bit too formulaic characterwise) and I'm a big fan of Scott Bakula (and Quantum Leap). I even liked the dog. Unfortunately, the series was lifeless and directionless. They tried to sex it up and amp it up this season in the most pathetic fanboy-pandering ways possible...

...Until last night. If you have given up on Enterprise, get a copy of the last episode and hope that it stays that good.

Note to Trek executives: You seem to have hit the mark; now jettison the staff that is holding this show back (you know who they are) and get some of the DS9 production staff back and let them loose on this show. Stay true to the established timeline yet move this show into new and unexpected places.

You've got my attention for the rest of the season and my hopes up...don't blow it.

Wow. Two SF post in a row. I haven't changed this blog into an SF fan site; I will still cover all things that strike my fancy. I just thought it was time to cover some of the popular culture that I love so well. Skip it if it bores you but stick around.

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