Tuesday, February 24

Bush Comes Out Of The Closet... Can't Live The Lie Any Longer

Today, George W. Bush finally broke under the pressure of living a lie. He announced his support for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage to prevent "the meaning of marriage from being changed forever."

He confessed that he could no longer live the lie of the compassionate conservative. He admitted it may have won him a few votes from the gullible members of such organizations as the Log Cabin Republicans, but the charade no longer serves a purpose. With the economy and the war weighing heavily against him, Karl Rove advised him that his only hope was a right-wing and a prayer.

In a related story, the Republican National Committee met behind closed doors to decide the fate of Dick Cheney's slot on the ticket. An unnamed source said that Cheney is a constant reminder that this administration is a corporate love-slave and his family ties to the gay culture makes him even more of a burden. Mel Gibson was approached as a possible replacement, but rebuffed the offer when told that Dubya wouldn't convert to Catholicism. Gibson reportedly assured them Dubya would burn in hell.

Okay. The 2 paragraphs directly above are not factual truths; they were the product of my disgust with organized religion and zealots of all faiths that seek to subvert the Constitution to their own bigotry and fear. Mel Gibson was included because I am sick to death of hearing about the Gospel of Mel.

It was once common for conservatives to condemn the homosexual community for their promiscuous lifestyle and abnormal lives. Now, when so many gays and lesbians seek to make their loving, committed relationships legally and spiritually binding, the right-wing critics attack them for subverting the American landscape with their wicked attempts to be better citizens than most of the divorced and adulterous population. It is their God given right as heterosexuals to make a mockery of the sacred institution of marriage. They seem to think that cheapening the Constitution seems to be their God given right as well.

I'm done... For now.

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